Why authenticity matters

In an age of abundant choice, consumers are drawn toward brands with an original story, an engaging identity and a sincere commitment to deliver what they promise. Think of fast-growing brands like Google, IGA, Apple and IKEA and they all have authenticity at their core.

Authenticity helps fuel success in today's over-traded markets as consumers search for greater meaning and sincerity from the brands they choose - fuelled by a desire to connect with things that feel safe, certain and unambiguous.

At its heart, authenticity is about practising what you preach; being totally clear about who you are and what you do best. When a brand's rhetoric gets out of sync with customers' actual experiences, the brand's integrity and future persuasiveness suffers.

The Authentic Brand Index has been developed to provide a common and objective measure of brand authenticity across diverse product and service categories and to help marketers pinpoint strategies that will strengthen the authentic identities of their brands. The Authentic Brand Index correlates strongly with key drivers of business performance, including customer advocacy and share of high value customers.
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